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            Captain Dennis Nix Nellingen Barracks 1979 bis 1981


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Eine weitere schöne Soldatengeschichte aus den Nellingen Barracks

Hauptmann Dennis Nix hatte seine Hubschrauber Ausbildung in den USA erfolgreich im Januar

1979 als Leutnant abgeschlossen. Er wurde auf dem UH-1H Huey Helikopter ausgebildet. Kurz

darauf, im gleichen Monat, ist er nach Deutschland in die Nellingen Barracks versetzt worden. Seine

erste Einheit war die 48th Aviation Company. Diese berühmte Kompanie wird auch die „Blue

Stars“ genannt. Im August 1979 ist Dennis Nix zum Oberleutnant befördert worden. Im Mai 1981 bestand er die

Prüfung zum Hauptmann. Bis Mai 1980 diente er in Nellingen den „Blue Stars“, danach kam er in das

394. Transport ( Hubschrauber ) Battalion. Er war auch ein begeisterter Fotograf.

Dennis Nix hat die Nellingen Barracks im Dezember 1981 als Hauptmann verlassen und ist zurück

nach Amerika. Dennis ist 54 Jahre alt (2009), verheiratet und lebt auf der kleinen, 6000 Einwohner zählenden Insel

„Big Pine Key“ der Florida Keys. Dennis, danke für deine Erzählungen aus deiner Zeit in den Nellingen Barracks

Beste Wünsche sendet dir – Billy-

November 2009


Exercise REFORGER waiting to take off. Jan. 1979 Nellingen Barracks. Warten auf den Flug ins Manöver.

Echterdingen Arrmy Airfield Flightline April 1979.

Hubschrauber der 48. Aviation Company auf dem U.S. Army Flugplatz Echterdingen

Echterdingen Arrmy Airfield Flightline April 1979

May 1979 - UH-1H Huey - M56 Mine Dispenser - 

Echterdingen Army Airfield

April 1979. Dennis Nix Offivers Club Nellingen Barracks

UH-1H Huey Helicopter Echterdingen 1979

May 1979 - Exercise Albatross III Runup –

Echterdingen Army Airfield

Flug über die Nellingen Barracks 1979

May 1979 - Home from Exercise Albatross III – Echterdingen. Heimkehr von einem Manöver Einsatz

May 1979 - 223rd Aviation Battalion Display – Echterdingen

Hubschrauber der 223. Aviation Battalion ( In Nellingen stationiert )

May 1979 German-American Friendship Day Award  Echterdingen Army Airfield. Auszeichnung beim

Deutsch -Amerikanischen Freundschaftstag.

May 1979 German Army UH-1H - German-American Friendship Day. Deutscher Hubschrauber beim Freundschaftstag

1979.05.25 -  German-American Friendship Day  - Echterdingen

May 1979 CH-47 Chinook German-American Friendship Day  Echterdingen. Doppelpropeller CH-47 Chinook.

May 1979 German-American Friendship Day - Rappelling  

1979.05.25 - German-American Friendship Day Rappelling.

Mai 1980 Flug über die Nellingen Barracks

1979.05.25 - German-American Friendship Day Rappelling.

Flyover Nellingen Barracks May 1980

Blue Stars Line Up Echterdingen

Blue Stars Line Up

June 1980 1LT Dennis Nix - Fwd Support Section –

394th Transportation Battalion Nellingen Barracks



Original Comment of Captain Dennis Nix:



Greetings, Billy,


I am glad the box arrived at your home safely. You are pleased and surprised at the contents? I am glad of that

and happy to give all of those nostalgic things to you.


Let me give you my Nellingen Kaserne memories as I remember. I arrived in Germany in January, 1979, as a new Second Lieutenant. I had graduated from US Army Flight School on August 18, 1978 and went to Fort Eustis, Virginia for the Army Aviation Maintenance Officer's Course later that month. There I learned how the US Army Aviation Maintenance program worked - I was introduced to the maintenance manuals, the forms used in Army Aviation, and how to troubleshoot and repair Army helicopters. I was trained as a UH-1H "Huey" Maintenance Test Pilot, tested on all the inflight maneuvers to check the systems in the helicopter were working properly.

Upon graduation in December, 1978, I was assigned to the 48th Aviation Company (Blue Stars), part of the 223rd Aviation Battalion.


The 223rd Aviation Battalion was based at Echterdingen Army Airfield and had the battalion headquarters there. I believe their living quarters were there as well.

Also at Echterdingen was the 25th Aviation Company who flew the Seventh Corps Staff from Kelly Barracks. The 48th Aviation Company had their aircraft based there as well in

Hangars #10, #11, and #12. Hanger 12 was the location of the flight platoons and operations while Hangar 11 was the aircraft maintenance hangar.

Hangar 10 served as the site for the various repair shops assigned to the aviation maintenance platoon.


While the aircraft stayed at Echterdingen AAF (Stuttgart International), the company headquarters, vehicle motor pool, and the soldiers' living quarters were all located at Nellingen Kaserne. As far as I know, the helicopters were never stationed at Nellingen. We had to drive back and forth between Nellingen and Bernhausen - I lived in Plattenhardt and it was very close to Bernhausen to get to work. Of course, it has all changed out there at Echterdingen Army Airfield now - almost as radically as Nellingen Kaserne when it became Scharnhauser Park. Where the DHL package facility is now used to be the location of the 2nd Military Intelligence Battalion and their aircraft. Of course, all the old WWII Luftwaffe hangars that we had are gone as well - the road called "Nord-West Umfahrung" now cuts through that area, bypassing Bernhausen, on the way to the DHL facility.

When I was there, you had to go through Bernhausen to get to the Army side of the airport.


Anyway, I was promoted shortly after arriving in Germany - on August 5th, 1979, I was promoted to First Lieutenant. I left the 48th Aviation Company in April 1980 because there was no position for me there. I was reassigned to Headquarters and A Company, 394th Transportation Battalion (AVIM), based at Nellingen Kaserne.

I was made the Forward Support Flight Section Leader. I was responsible for all seven of the battalions UH-1H Huey helicopters. The section was made up of the helicopters assigned to the two separate companies in thebattalion. That way, by combining all the flight assets in one section, they could be managed easier.


I worked in this duty position from 1 May 1980 until I left in November 1981 for school in the United States. Along the way, I got married in December 1980 and was promoted to Captain in May 1981. I came back to Germany in October 1985 as a Captain and was assigned to the 11th Aviation Battalion in Wiesbaden Army Airfield. Wouldn't you know it - part of the battalion was the old 48th Aviation Company (Blue Stars) - only now, they had traded their UH-1H Hueys for UH-60A Blackhawk helicopters.

I had learned to fly the Blackhawk in July 1982 while stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. In due time, I was assigned to the 48th Aviation Company as the Company Aviation Maintenance Officer and Maintenance Test Pilot. I left there in August 1988 when I was released from active duty with the Army and entered the civilian work force.


So, does that give you some information you can use? I will continue to look through old photographs and negatives for anything else from this time period.

Again, you have done a great job with the web site and I look forward to seeing more there in the future!

Best of luck and warmest greetings from Florida!

Dennis R. Nix


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